Following seasonal rhythms and respecting biomass

Seaweed is harvested according to the rhythms of the seasons, tides, and climate conditions. Regulations must also be upheld. Agrimer is closely involved in preserving the environment and participates in the various management committees for this resource. Depending on the species, the harvest can be either mechanical or manual. To harvest Laminaria in deep water, for example, we use boats equipped with a scoubidou (a corkscrew-shaped hook at the end of a long pole, fitted with a crank). Brown seaweed such as Ascophyllum or Fucus is harvested by hand on the tidal flat with a sickle by our goémoniers (seaweed gatherers).

All harvests comply with strict rules to ensure that the biomass will renew itself and the ecological environment will be preserved. This applies to the harvesting method, the size of the seaweed, the season, etc. Fresh seaweed is then taken to our plant to be processed within twenty-four hours. This ensures that its intrinsic natural qualities are preserved.