A cross-disciplinary team at your service

Our engineers and formulators develop innovative formulas and actives suitable for use in agriculture, nutrition, and cosmetics by extracting the useful fraction of our marine resources. They use special software to develop formulas methodically, ensuring the continuous improvement of our products in keeping with regulations.

Developing creative cosmetics

Our laboratories were originally specialized in creating products for professional use, particularly in thalassotherapy. We now offer original, innovative formulas for all beauty brands, be they luxury brands, organic brands, or traditional brands. Particular attention is paid to the feel of cosmetic products, since pleasant textures help consumers to comply with their care protocols. Fragrances are particularly well-crafted to enhance the products. At Agrimer, we keep abreast of technological innovation to keep product development on-trend.

World-class agricultural development

Performance is a core concern for our agricultural clients. For this reason, we work closely with our clients to offer optimal formulas suited to their specific livestock nutrition or crop needs.