A performant industrial process to preserve the quality of our raw materials

After harvesting, seaweed is washed and dried within twenty-four hours. The entire seaweed processing chain occurs in-house and is adapted to each species: we use different washing techniques and heating temperatures to preserve their molecular content. We also use a variety of screening techniques to offer a wide range of particle sizes.

Thanks to our unique drying technique, the seaweed’s intrinsic composition, colors, and flavors are preserved. After grinding and screening, the dried particles measure from between a few centimeters to a few microns.

Agrimer also has a non-ionizing thermal debacterization line that uses no ionizing treatment, which preserves the natural quality of the powders and allows us to offer certified organic ingredients.

For each of our specialties—dry seaweed, liquid extracts, or white-label cosmetics—we provide an array of formulation and packaging solutions. We have several packaging lines for sachets, tubes, jars, buckets, jerricans, and bottles.

We can tailor our full-service offer depending on formats and quantities thanks to a wide range of standard or specific packaging solutions. We regularly invest in machinery upgrades to offer new packaging options such as cellophane wrapping and labeling.